Dynasil History of Innovation

Dynasil's companies have been on the cutting edge of scintillation, optics, photonics, and material science for 140 years. Here are some of our most exciting innovations:

  1. 2018

    RMD Introduces CLLBC Scintillator Technology


    RMD introduces CLLBC (Cs2LiLa(Br,Cl)6:Ce) scintillator technology, a practical gamma-neutron detector for use as a replacement for both high energy resolution gamma-ray detectors and high pressure Helium-3 tubes for neutron detection.


  2. 2018

    State-of-the-art DLC Coating Chamber

    DLC Coating Chamber for IR Optics

    Using cutting-edge highly precise techniques, Dynasil designed a DLC coating chamber that makes pinholes, the Achilles heel of DLC coatings, virtually non-existent. It also eliminated the 4 most common coating issues – pinholes, uniformity, stress and adhesion.


  3. 2015

    Hilger Crystals’ Arrays Enable High-Speed Baggage Scanning

    Scintillation Crystals

    Hilger Crystals supplies synthetic crystal arrays for state-of-the-art, high speed X-ray baggage and cargo screening at security checkpoints e.g. airports and sea ports.

  4. 2013

    Xcede Invents First Hemostat for Severe Bleeding

    Dynasil spins off Xcede Technologies to commercialize the first hemostat and tissue sealant capable of stopping severe and traumatic bleeding. This technology was originally developed within Dynasil Biomedical.

  5. 2013

    RMD Develops CLYC Crystals

    CLYC Packaged Scintillation Detector

    In response to the Helium 3 shortage, RMD developed CLYC (Cs2LiYCl6:Ce) scintillation crystals consisting of Cesium, Lithium, Yttrium, and Chlorine, doped with Cerium and with the Lithium enriched in 6 Li. When utilized in a radiation detector, CLYC gives first responders the ability to identify the presence and type of nuclear radiation.


  6. 2012

    Optometrics Invents Combination Optical Grating & Filter

    Holographic Weapons Sight

    The engineering team at Optometrics designed and patented a hybrid diffraction grating and optical filter which exceeded the US weapons accessory manufacturer’s highly demanding technical requirements. The product exceeded expectations on environmental durability, spectral precision and optical quality while simplifying the manufacturing process.


  7. 2010

    EMF Introduces Dichroic Coatings on Flexible Substrates

    Dichroic Films

    EMF’s technology of applying dichroic coatings to difficult to coat flexible substrates proves to be a game changer for the lighting and entertainment industry enabling companies to replace costly installations with low-cost, low-overhead flexible films.


  8. 2006

    RMD Invents Ultra High Speed X-Ray Imaging

    Ultra high speed imaging

    RMD developed an ultra-high-speed, high-resolution, X-ray imaging system capable of acquiring images at a rate of 120,000 frames per second (FPS) for the Department of Defense. The system was based on a fast-decay scintillator screen coupled to an ultra-fast CCD camera designed for ballistic impact studies. A specially designed X-ray source provided blur-free images of hypervelocity projectiles traveling over 18,000 miles per hour.


  9. 1992

    RMD Develops Lead Paint Analyzer

    lead paint analyzer

    RMD introduces LPA-1, a portable X Ray fluorescence system for lead paint analysis, one of the most successful lead testing instruments ever developed.

  10. 1983

    RMD Invents Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)

    Avalanche Photodiodes

    RMD invents large area Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) which greatly improve the signal to noise ratio for use in hybrid PET/MRI systems. RMD’s compact and rugged APDs feature high quantum detection efficiency and wide spectral response.


  11. 1975

    Hilger Crystals Supplies Sodium Iodide Crystals for the EMI Scanner CT5000

    The EMI Scanner CT5000, was the first commercially available computed tomography (CT) whole body scanner. It was developed by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield. Hilger supplied the synthetic crystals for the scanner which made the first CT images of the human brain.

  12. 1974

    Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. (RMD) Founded

    RMD, a Dynasil CompanyRMD was founded by Dr. Gerald Entine to manufacture CdTe radiation detectors for use in nuclear power plants, medicine, and research. Since 1974 RMD’s mission has been to conduct world-class research and develop industry-leading commercial products. Today, that mission is undertaken by more than 60 scientists and engineers who are more often shaping materials research and development rather than following it. Today, RMD is recognized worldwide as a foremost expert in the fields of radiation detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive testing (NDT) and instrumentation.


  13. 1969

    Dynasil Fused Silica provides docking lights for Apollo 11

    Apollo 11 Docking Lights Provided by Dynasil Fused Silica

    Dynasil Fused Silica provides fused silica for the docking lights for Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the moon.


  14. 1965

    Optometrics Founded

    Optometrics, a Dynasil CompanyOptometrics was founded as World Optics, Inc. by Mr. Peter Cianci in Waltham, MA.  It was primarily engaged in the manufacture of optical elements such as mirrors, lenses, prisms and windows. Today, Optometrics is recognized as a leading supplier of specialized optical components and sub-assemblies for wavelength selection. From gratings to polarizers, beamsplitters to monochromators, and coatings to filters, Optometrics maintains an excellent reputation for supplying spectrally precise equipment.


  15. 1960

    Dynasil Fused Silica Launched with Space Program


    Dynasil Fused Silica was founded to provide synthetic fused silica for military radar applications. Dynasil gained national recognition as NASA acknowledged the capability of Dynasil grade fused silica to withstand the thermal shock and radiation effects of deep space. As the aerospace and laser optics industries exploded on the scene in the 1970’s, so did Dynasil.

  16. 1950

    Hilger Crystals Develops X-ray Detection Crystals for British Government

    Scintillation Crystals

    Hilger Crystals was awarded the contract to develop X-ray detection crystals for the British government. By 1968, Hilger Crystals was specializing in emission spectroscopy and scintillation crystals.

  17. 1936

    EMF Founded

    EMF, a Dynasil CompanyEMF was founded by a Cornell University alumnus as the first company in the United States to provide evaporated metal thin film coatings. EMF today offers an innovative portfolio of precision custom and high-volume coatings for a wide range of industries including automotive, defense, consumer electronics, dentistry, astronomy, utilities, lighting and entertainment.


  18. 1874

    Hilger Crystals Founded

    Hilger Crystals, a Dynasil CompanyHilger was founded by Adam and Otto Hilger to manufacture precision optical and mechanical instruments. Manufacturing was set up in London with a few employees who specialized in the manufacture of precision optical and mechanical instruments. Today, Hilger Crystals has a well-established history and proven reputation for producing high-quality, commercial-grade synthetic crystals used in infrared spectroscopy and state-of-the-art scintillation and detection solutions.


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