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Wire Grid Polarizers

Buyer’s Guide to Wire Grid Polarizers

Wire grid polarizers, as the name suggests, are polarizing elements that use arrays of fine metal wires to selectively transmit...

Dichroic Films

Optical Material: Plastics

Optical Material: Plastics is the third article in this 5-part series of blog posts that aims to highlight the various...

Ceramics - Artificial Ruby Hemisphere Under Monochromatic Light

Optical Material: Ceramics

Optical Material: Ceramics is the second article in this 5-part series of blog posts that aims to highlight the various...

Optical Material: Float Glass

Optical Material: Float Glass is the first article in this 5-part series of blog posts that aims to highlight the...

How anti-reflective coatings work

A Primer on Anti-Reflective Coatings

Introduction to Anti-Reflective Coatings An AR coating is an optical coating applied to a surface to reduce the amount of...

Bragg MIrror

Dielectric or Bragg Mirror and Its Applications

Mirrors and the Reflection of Light Mirrors play an important role in many aspects of our life. From simple things...

Coating Chalcogenides with Confidence

What are Chalcogenides? Chalcogenides are glasses containing one or more chalcogens (sulfur, selenium and tellurium). Chalcogenide glasses are becoming a preferred...


Common Issues With a DLC Coating

Companies using a DLC coating experience four common issues - pinholes, non-uniformity, residual stress, and poor coating adhesion.


Highlights From 2019

As we embark upon yet another year in our photonics journey, enjoy these curated highlights from 2019. DLC Chamber for...

RMD is finalist for R&D 100 Awards 2016

RMD Selected as a Winner of R&D 100 Awards

RMD, a Dynasil company, was selected as a winner for the 2019 R&D 100 Awards as announced by R&D World...

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