Bright + Fast + Dense Crystal Materials

Hilger Crystals produces an extensive range of scintillation crystals with high density, excellent light output and short decay constants to meet the highest standards for critical applications including X- and gamma-ray detectors and other non-destructive testing, baggage scanning systems, medical imaging, and academic research.

Put our 90 years of crystal growing experience to work for you. Combined with more than 50 furnaces and 15,000 ft2 of facility space, we provide the comprehensive crystal capabilities you require to deliver high-quality product with rapid service.

  • Crystals: Broad materials index of synthetic crystals grown to spec and supplied within short lead times
  • Arrays: Linear and 2D from .5mm to 200mm
  • Detectors: Single units and complete assemblies (PMT, CCD, and SiPM)

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