Gold Mirrors

Protected Gold Mirror, 10mm Diameter, 4-6λ

Price: $23.75
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Coating Specification

Ravg >97% @ 700 – 2000nm Ravg >96% @ 2000 – 10000nm

Wavelength Range


Angle of Incidence


Soda Lime Float Glass

Size (mm)

10.0 Diameter

Size Tolerance




Typical Energy Density Limit

0.8 J/cm2 @ 1064nm, 10ns


Cut, 0.5mm Maximum Edge Chip

Surface Quality


Surface Flatness

4 – 6λ

Optical Coating

Protected Gold

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  • Scanning Digital Monochromator, 850 nm – 2.2 μ

    Grating Curve
    600 Line 1.6um Ruled (Models 06)
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    Scanning Digital Mini-Chrom Monochromator Specifications | SDMC1-06G

    Operating Range

    850 nm – 2.2 μ

    Resolution with 50μ slits

    1.08 nm

    Focal Length

    74 mm

    Resolution with 100μ slits

    2.17 nm

    f Number


    Resolution with 150μ slits

    3.25 nm

    Beam Path

    In Line

    Resolution with 300μ slits (included)

    6.50 nm

    Wavelength Accuracy

    ± 0.2% of λ

    Resolution with 600μ slits

    13.00 nm

    Wavelength Readability

    0.2 nm

    Resolution with 1 mm slits

    21.67 nm

    Wavelength Reproducibility

    ± 0.15%

    Linear Dispersion (Center of Range)

    21.73 nm/mm

    Operating Temperature Range

    -20° C to +80° C

    Grating Density

    600 grooves/mm

    Damage Threshold: Pulsed

    350 mJ /cm², 200 nano sec. pulse

    Grating Blaze Wavelength

    1.6 µ

    Damage Threshold: CW laser

    40 Watt/cm²

    Stray Light

    ≤ 0.02%

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