Dynasil’s Companies

Dynasil, a publicly-owned multinational corporation headquartered in the US, focuses on cutting-edge research and commercial product development in photonics. We serve our customer base through five companies — Dynasil Fused Silica, Evaporated Metal Films (EMF), Hilger Crystals, Optometrics, and Radiation Monitoring Devices (RMD). We are a global supplier of optical materials, components and coating solutions and scintillation and detection solutions. We are also a recognized global expert in radiation detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive testing.

Dynasil maintains seven state-of-the-art facilities across Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Margate (UK) that, combined, provide nearly 150,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space dedicated to helping our customers succeed — from prototype development to high-volume commercial production. The spirit of continual improvement is embraced with many facilities achieving ISO 9001:2015 compliance. Sustainable environmental practices are encouraged with some facilities having achieved, or currently  pursuing, ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Round & Rectangular Fused Silica Optical Blanks

Dynasil Fused Silica

Sixty years of leadership as an authorized distributor of Corning High Purity Fused Silica HPFS® 7980, 7979 IR, ULE® 7972.

Scintillation Detectors (PMT, CCD, SiPM)

Hilger Crystals

Well-established and proven reputation for manufacturing commercial-grade scintillation crystals for IR spectroscopy and state-of-the-art detection solutions.

CLYC Packaged Scintillation Detector

Radiation Monitoring Devices (RMD)

Recognized worldwide as the foremost expert in radiation monitoring, detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive testing.

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