Scintillation Crystals

Scintillation Crystals

We are a leading producer of an extensive range of scintillation crystal materials for X-ray, Gamma ray and neutron detection and X-ray imaging. Applications include medical, industrial and security X-ray imaging. Scintillation crystals include Caesium Iodide-CsI(Tl), Sodium Iodide-NaI, Lutetium Yttrium Silicate-LYSO, Bismuth Germanate-BGO, etc.

Scintillation crystals are used in detectors to convert X-rays or Gamma rays into light pulses that are subsequently detected by either a photomultiplier tube (PMT) or a photodiode (SiPM).

Pixelated crystal X-ray imaging arrays can be either linear or two dimensional with individual pixels as small as 0.5mm depending on material and thickness.

Dynasil manufactures scintillation crystals through Hilger Crystals. Please Contact Hilger to discuss your specific requirements.

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