Research Partnerships

Dynasil’s research business unit, RMD Inc. has extensive research capabilities, partnering with the U.S. government, corporations, and research institutions on radiation detection, radiation imaging, nuclear instrumentation, nondestructive testing, and high-speed imaging.

Two of the most common scenarios for a research partnership are:

  1. A partner has a difficult problem to solve or is looking for the next big technical advancement, and rather than build out an internal research group, the partner will utilize RMD’s research capabilities as an effective and cost efficient solution. RMD’s staff of over 80 people, including 40 Ph.D. level scientists across multiple disciplines, can bring extensive scientific and cross-disciplinary expertise to problem solving and technical advancement.
  2. RMD has existing technology with potential for commercial applications. A partner can utilize RMD’s research expertise in combination with their own development capabilities to advance the technology from preliminary testing to prototyping and ultimately to full-scale manufacturing.

RMD has numerous successful partnerships in both of these cases. Some of the technologies we have worked on within research partnerships include:

  • Eddy current sensing for non-destructive testing for aerospace and power generation applications
  • Eddy current sensing for non-destructive testing of infrastructure
  • Gadolinium Gallium Aluminum Garnet scintillators for imaging
  • CLYC scintillation crystals for personal radiation detection
  • CLYC scintillation crystals for energy production applications
  • High-speed imaging for weapons testing applications

We are always looking for new partners and new projects and encourage you to get in touch to learn more about our capabilities and how we can be an extremely effective partner.

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