A Beam Splitter is used to separate a single beam of light into two or more individual beams of light. We offer several forms of beam Splitters applicable to a broad range of spectroscopy and commercial applications, including:

Plate Beam Splitters Spectrally non-selective over the visible spectrum so that both split beams remain relatively neutral in color. Since there is very little light loss due to absorption, the sum of the reflected and transmitted beam intensity nearly equals that of the incident beam.

Polka-Dot Beam Splitters Polka-Dot Beamsplitters can provide a near constant reflection to transmission ratio from 250 nm to over 2.0 µm with minimal angle sensitivity. In production, micron-scale “Polka-Dots” of aluminum are deposited on the substrate. These Polka-Dots reflect the incident light, while the uncoated area allows the remaining light to transmit.

Dichroic Beam Splitters Designed for use at 45° AOI, our Dichroic Beamsplitters are optimized to provide high transmission of one spectral band, while reflecting a second spectral band, with a very sharp transition slope between these two bands.

Transmission Grating Beam Splitters Designed for the useful division of He-Ne lasers, and multiple laser line separation. The transmitted beam is split into multiple diffracted orders.

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