Infrared Diffraction Gratings with Grooves Per mm 300 and Size (mm) 12.5 X 25 mm and Optimum Laser Wavelength 3.5μ

Infrared Diffraction Gratings

These are original rulings or replicas that are typically used for tuning high and low power infrared lasers and wavelength scanning and selection in broadband infrared spectroscopy applications. For high power applications, these same gratings, as well as custom optimized designs, may be supplied as original rulings ruled directly into the metal substrate surface. Please contact Optometrics for custom infrared diffraction gratings.

Original Ruled Diffraction Gratings

Optometrics manufactures these gratings as original gratings ruled directly deposited on a Kanigen®* coated copper substrate with aluminum coating. This gives the original gratings an inherently higher damage threshold than their replicated counterparts which are produced on a Pyrex® substrate. Contact Optometrics to order custom ruled diffraction grating or call +1-978-772-1700.

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  • 300 Groove, ML-601, 12.5 X 25 mm, 9.5 mm Thick, Replica Diffraction Grating

    Efficiency Curve
    ML 601, 300/3.5
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    Molecular Laser Tuning Diffraction Gratings Specifications | G300MR3.5QGAC

    Optical Coating


    Grooves Per mm


    Optimum Laser Wavelength




    Size (mm)

    12.5 X 25 mm

    Size Tolerance

    ±0.5 mm


    9.5 mm

    Thickness Tolerance

    ±0.5 mm

    Grooves Parallel




    Clear Aperture


    Edge Angle

    90° ±0.50°


    90° ±0.50°

    Operating Temperature Range

    -50° C to +200° C

    Damage Threshold: Pulsed

    3.5 J/cm², 200 nano sec. pulse

    Damage Threshold: CW laser

    250 watts/cm²

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