Recent investigations of ceramic lutetium oxide doped with Yb3 (Lu2O3:Yb3+) have shown it to be a promising candidate for applications in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, high energy physics (HEP) and high energy radiography. It has a very high density of 9.4 g/cc, which makes it one of the densest scintillator materials known. When doped with Yb3+ this material exhibits so-called charge transfer (CT) emission, characterized by the very fast decay time of ~1.7 ns and light yield of ~2,000 ph/MeV. This gives Yb3+-doped Lu2O3 (LO:Yb) an initial photon intensity (within the first nanosecond) of more than 1,130 ph/MeV, significantly higher than in any other material currently used for HEP experiments. Both the speed and light yield are significantly better than that of lead tungstate i.e. PbWO4 (PWO), which makes it an attractive replacement for PWO. Also, due to its cubic structure, Lu2O3:Yb3+ can be produced using lower-temperature ceramic manufacturing techniques which are significantly less expensive than crystal growth.

Lu2O3:Yb3 Properties

Decay Time (<2ns)

Lu2O3:Yb3+ Lutetium oxide doped with Ytterbium (LO:Yb) - Decay Time
Decay Time <2ns

Light Yield (70% higher than PbWO4)

Lu2O3:Yb3+ Lutetium oxide doped with Ytterbium (LO:Yb) - Light Yield
70% higher light yield than PbWO4

Emission (QE ~25%)

Lu2O3:Yb3+ Lutetium oxide doped with Ytterbium (LO:Yb) - Emission
QE ~ 25%
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