Standard Mini-Chrom Monochromator with Operating Range 850 nm - 2.2 μ

Standard Mini-Chrom Monochromator

The Standard Mini-Chrom Monochromator is a manual unit which utilizes a micrometer for wavelength selection and readout. Turning the micrometer causes, via a precision sine bar drive, rotation of the diffraction grating which positions the desired wavelength at the exit slit.

Wavelength is read directly from the micrometer at 1 nm per division in models 01, 02, 03, and 04. Wavelength readout for near infra-red models (05 and 06) is 2 nm per division.

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They are used in a variety of physics, chemistry, engineering and the life science applications that require a small yet high performance manually tuned monochromator for precision wavelength selection.

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  • Standard Monochromator, 850 nm – 2.2 μ

    Grating Curve
    600 Line 1.6um Ruled (Models 06)
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    Standard Mini-Chrom Monochromator Specifications | MC1-06G

    Operating Range

    850 nm – 2.2 μ

    f Number


    Focal Length

    74 mm

    Beam Path

    In Line

    Resolution with 50μ slits

    1.08 nm

    Resolution with 100μ slits

    2.17 nm

    Resolution with 150μ slits

    3.25 nm

    Resolution with 300μ slits (included)

    6.50 nm

    Resolution with 600μ slits

    13.00 nm

    Resolution with 1 mm slits

    21.67 nm

    Grating Density

    600 grooves/mm

    Grating Blaze Wavelength

    1.6 µ

    Linear Dispersion (Center of Range)

    21.73 nm/mm

    Stray Light

    ≤ 0.02%

    Wavelength Accuracy

    ± 0.2% of λ

    Wavelength Reproducibility

    ± 0.15%

    Wavelength Readability

    0.2 nm

    Operating Temperature Range

    -20° C to +80° C

    Damage Threshold: Pulsed

    350 mJ /cm², 200 nano sec. pulse

    Damage Threshold: CW laser

    40 Watt/cm²

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