Ceramic Scintillators

Ceramic Scintillators

Ceramic scintillators are made of simple inorganic compounds such as metal oxides or halides, whose grains are bonded together by high temperature processes. In addition to scintillators, these transparent optical ceramics have also found use as IR ray domes for missile guidance systems, laser hosts, and transparent armor windows for military vehicles. In order to be useful as scintillators, transparency is required so that the light generated by the incident ionizing radiation will be able to be detected photo electronically. Ceramics offer the following prospective advantages compared to crystal scintillators:increased flexibility in scintillator composition, lower manufacturing temperatures – potentially lowering costs by increasing yields, faster manufacturing – hours compared to days, ability to be fabricated into complex shapes if required. Dynasil produces ceramic scintillators through RMD. Please contact RMD directly to discuss your ceramic scintillator needs.

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RMD's Development of CLYC Scintillation Crystals for Radiation Detection

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