Holographic Wire Grid Polarizers with Size (mm) 25 mm dia. and Clear Aperture 18 mm and Substrate GE (AR/AR)

Holographic Wire Grid Polarizers

Optometrics manufactures holographic wire grid polarizers on CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), BaF2 (Barium Fluoride), KRS-5 and Ge (Germanium), covering a wavelength region from 2.5 to 30 microns.

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  • Wavelength region: 2.5 to 30 microns
  • CaF2, ZnSe, BaF2, Ge and KRS-5 (Thallium Bromide) substrates
  • Finer grid pattern for better low wavelength performance
  • High transmission
  • Extinction ratio > 90,000:1

  • Zinc Selenide’s transmission can be enhanced over a selected wavelength range, typically 9 to 11 microns, by an AR coating on the rear surface
  • Calcium Fluoride and Barium Fluoride have low refractive index values and do not see significant benefit from AR coatings
  • KRS-5 is not normally AR coated, because this would limit its broad transmission range, which is its primary advantage
  • Germanium polarizers are AR/AR coated to maximize transmission @10.6μ
  • Due to the manufacturing process ruled wire grid polarizers are not offered with AR coatings

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  • Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, GE, 25 mm Dia., ring mounted

    Maximum Transmission Curve
    Transmission Curve for IR Optics
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    Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer Specifications | WP-H-G-18-25M

    Extinction ratio @ 10.6µ



    GE (AR/AR)

    Size (mm)

    25 mm dia.

    Size Tolerance

    ±0.5 mm


    5.0 mm

    Thickness Tolerance

    ±0.5 mm

    Clear Aperture

    18 mm


    Ring Mounted

    Surface Flatness

    λ/20 @ 10.6μ


    ≤ 3 arc minutes

    Wire Grid Spacing

    2700 grooves/mm

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