High Speed X-ray Imagers

Ultrafast X-Ray Imagers

RMD has pioneered ultrafast X-ray imaging technology and over the past 15 years has designed and delivered high-resolution systems for applications ranging from time-resolved studies at synchrotron sources to ballistic impact analysis and NDE of machinery during operation.

Our systems provide multiple images over a wide range of X-ray energies and at speeds ranging from tens of frames per second (FPS) to over 1 million FPS. Depending on the resolution requirement, RMD can engineer the imager to provide relatively smaller, 2.5 x 2.5 cm2, to very large, 1 meter x 1 meter, active area. Key technology enablers are:

1. RMD’s HSSTM scintillation screens that provide fast and bright, afterglow-free emission, high X-ray absorption, and high spatial resolution (Figure 1)
2. Novel X-ray sources designed for specific application, including battery operated multiple pulse sources (Figure 2), that can generate 50 ns X-ray bursts, and
3. Camera optics tailored for efficient light collection. An imager installation and tests at the AFB facility are illustrated in (Figure 3)

18”x18” HSSTM Scintillator tailored for ultrafast imaging.

HSSTM Scintillator HSSTM Scintillator


Custom designed X-ray sources for various applications.


Ultrafast imager installation at the customer site. This 1m x 1m active area imager captured 6 X-ray images of a projectile traveling at speed exceeding 3 km/s.

Ultrafast imager installation Ultrafast imager installation



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