Large Telescope Mirror Coated for EOS (Australia) in Under a Week

EMF large format coating
Large format coating for EOS (Australia)

Large Format Coating

Electro Optic Systems (EOS), an Australian defense and space company, needed a precision large format coating for a very large optical component on one of their telescopes. EOS was significantly behind schedule and other optical coating companies were asking for a 6 month lead time.

EMF was awarded the project based on its precision aluminum coating capabilities and the ability to turn things around quickly. Because EOS was considerably behind schedule, the team at EMF was under tremendous pressure to make sure that the work was done quickly and smoothly.

A core team that included engineers from EMF and EOS worked closely to establish a plan to get the mirror coated within an aggressive timeline. Generally, the larger the optic the more rigor it takes to process and handle.  And, because the optic was extremely valuable – its every move had to be accounted for 100%. That level of detail is right up EMF’s alley.

Leveraging its deep expertise in specialized optical coatings and highly-skilled, highly-knowledgeable coatings experts, EMF was able to coat the telescope mirror with a precision aluminum coating in just 4 days. EMF prides itself on the deep collaboration it takes planning and executing large format optical coating projects.

EMF’s quick turnaround time was light years ahead of the competition and it delivered the telescope mirror to EOS on time and under budget to much fanfare!

EMF is equally proud to have contributed to several other astronomy projects including Palomar, William Herschel, EOS Space Systems, PanSTARRS I & II.

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