Stock & Financial Information

Stock Information

In August of 2019, Dynasil Corporation of America terminated the registration of our common stock under Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”), and suspended the Company’s duty to file periodic reports and other information with the SEC under Section 13(a) thereunder, and delisted the Company’s common stock from the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Subsequent to that action, any trading in our common stock only occurs in privately negotiated sales and on the OTC Pink Market. The Pink Open Market is the lowest tier of the three marketplaces for trading of OTC securities, which is a broker platform for trading securities operated by OTC Markets Group, Inc. There are no financial standards or disclosure requirements. For more information about the Pink Open Market, see

The OTC Pink Market is not a stock exchange.  Dynasil does not have the ability to list, or control whether our shares are quoted on the OTC Pink Market and does not intend to provide the financial reporting necessary to qualify for other exchanges. There can be no assurances regarding any such trading continuing. 

Financial Information

Beginning with the conclusion of fiscal year 2020, annual reports will no longer be publicly available. All previous filings are available on the SEC website.