Reflections – A Dynasil Blog

Virtual Reality

Enabling Better Virtual Reality Experiences

In July of 2016, Pokémon Go was released. During its first year, it seemed like people everywhere were wandering around...

EMF flight simulator mirror at a trade show

First Surface vs Second Surface Mirror

Mirrors are in virtually every room of our homes, in our cars, in our purses and pocketbooks, and part of...

HUD Schematic

Hot Mirror vs Cold Mirror

Mirrors are well-known and widely used optical components. Just walk into virtually any bathroom—whether it is at a rest stop,...

US $100 Bill

Infrared Imaging for Counterfeit Detection

When vending machines began accepting paper bills in the 1960s, they relied on magnetism to determine the bill’s denomination. US...

Neutral Density (ND) Filter

Buyer’s Guide to Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density Filters, or ND Filters, are optical filters designed to reduce the intensity of all light passing through the...

Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Coating on a Mobile Phone

A Guide to Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings

Ever notice that when a few droplets of water land on your smartphone’s screen, they bead up as if floating...

Thermal Imaging at an Airport

A Closer Look at EST Monitoring

Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) monitoring, is an extension of the field of thermography applied to measuring skin temperature. The premise...

Optical Aberration: Chromatic

Understanding Optical Aberrations

What is an Optical Aberration? Aberration: an unwelcome departure from the normal, usual, or expected. Most images are imperfect. Image...

Q&A with Michelle Henderson, Coatings Expert

The Dynasil family of companies delivers an extensive range of photonics-based products and capabilities. But Dynasil itself is a product...

Sunglasses Featuring UV Blocker

UV Blocking Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is comprised of the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths in the range of 100-400 nm....

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