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Simplified Representation of Diffraction Grating Replication Process

Introduction to Master Gratings

Diffraction gratings are a dispersive optical component. Similar to prisms, they split polychromatic light into its constituent wavelengths. Unlike prisms...

HUD Schematic

Hot Mirror vs Cold Mirror

Mirrors are well-known and widely used optical components. Just walk into virtually any bathroom—whether it is at a rest stop,...

Short Wavepass Filter

Guide to Short Wavepass Filters

Optical filters are used across a variety of sciences including electronics, acoustics, mechanics, chemistry and optics. Broadly defined, an optical...

Thermal Imaging at an Airport

A Closer Look at EST Monitoring

Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) monitoring, is an extension of the field of thermography applied to measuring skin temperature. The premise...

Optical Aberration: Chromatic

Understanding Optical Aberrations

What is an Optical Aberration? Aberration: an unwelcome departure from the normal, usual, or expected. Most images are imperfect. Image...

Sunglasses Featuring UV Blocker

UV Blocking Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is comprised of the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths in the range of 100-400 nm....

Plate Beamsplitter

A Guide to Beamsplitters

Applications for beamsplitters range from research and development to automobiles and consumer electronics. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (or LIGO)...

Wire Grid Polarizers

Buyer’s Guide to Wire Grid Polarizers

Wire grid polarizers, as the name suggests, are polarizing elements that use arrays of fine metal wires to selectively transmit...

Bragg MIrror

Dielectric or Bragg Mirror and Its Applications

Mirrors and the Reflection of Light Mirrors play an important role in many aspects of our life. From simple things...

Custom DLC Coatings

Coating Chalcogenides with Confidence

What are Chalcogenides? Chalcogenides are glasses containing one or more chalcogens (sulfur, selenium and tellurium). Chalcogenide glasses are becoming a preferred...

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