Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors

Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors

Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors for intra-oral photography is used by dentists and orthodontists around the world to provide clear, sharp images of various regions of the mouth when used with either 35mm or digital cameras. Our glass mirrors are coated with Rhodium for the highest reflectance and are available in 8 standard shapes for adult and pediatric patients, including buccal, lingual and occlusal. Custom shapes are also available.

Digital photography is an area that is growing every day in dental offices, dental schools, and dental laboratories worldwide. EMF Corporation takes great pride in our process and products, especially our Riofoto intra-oral photography mirrors. We offer a high-quality product with many added benefits.

We coat our mirrors with a precious metal known as rhodium. Not only is rhodium high in reflectivity, but it is also very durable. Our mirrors won’t scratch as easily as chromium-coated or stainless steel mirrors, and you will also see an average increase of 10% in the reflectivity over the chromium-coated or stainless steel mirrors. The increased reflectivity means clearer, brighter pictures that better represent your work.  

Other intraoral mirrors may boast higher reflectivity. So what makes RioFoto superior? Our rhodium mirrors are a perfect balance of reflectivity, to give clear crisp pictures without washing out your photos with too much light.

Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors can withstand repetitive autoclaving. Our Riofoto mirrors are coated on both sides for an extended life of the mirror as well as ease of positioning the mirror in your patient’s mouth – with a twist of the wrist, and you can go from taking a palatal (roof of the mouth) shot to a buccal (cheek) shot. Not only are Riofoto mirrors comfortable for your patients, but they’re also easy to use, and drastically reduce the time it takes to capture an image.

Even if you are not a trained photographer, your pictures will come out crisp and clear.

Riofoto™ reflectivity wavelength graph

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